Janine Detore, celebrated for her role in "Staten Island Hustle" and renowned as Big Ang's sister from "Mob Wives," is welcoming us to her culinary world with her debut cookbook, "Bitchen' In The Kitchen: From my Family to Your Table." In an era where the essence of family is often overshadowed by technology and daily distractions, Janine, a dedicated mother, emphasizes the importance of family-first values, especially through shared meals. Dive into the book to discover delectable recipes, accompanied by tantalizing photos that capture the heart of her Italian heritage. Each dish carries a story, reflecting the love and traditions that have shaped her family's dining experiences. Janine's cookbook is more than just recipes; it's an invitation to rekindle familial bonds over cherished meals. So, tie on that apron, play your favorite tracks, and immerse yourself in the joy of "Bitchen' In The Kitchen!"