Henry D. Muhammad(Hamilton), MS,LCADC,ICADC,CAMF

Mr. Muhammad has worked 30 plus years in the field of addictions and mental health services now termed behavioral healthcare and co-occurring services. He is an Advocate Leader for the National Council of Alcohol and Drug Dependence for the State of New Jersey and has been commissioned to serve on the Local Advisory Committee for Alcohol and Drug Abuse for the County of Essex since 2015. The author was born and raised in the City of Newark, NJ and is a consummate professional in long term recovery for now more then 34 years. He has worked and studied in all levels of care in the treatment process as defined by American Society of Addictions Medicine Criteria and is highly versed and skilled in utilization and effective outcome. Mr. Muhammad has treated thousands of consumers in various parts of the Country and continues his practice in New Jersey and Georgia. In 2009 he founded his private practice Consumer Friends Incorporated which he still operates. He is currently the founder and chief executive officer of Prodigal Sons And Daughters Behavioral HealthCare Services a New Jersey State licensed Ambulatory Care treatment facility for mental illness, substance use and co-occurring services.