Delrhonda Denise Hood, known as Big Fifty, hails from East Side, Detroit, Michigan. From a fashion-loving child to a mother at 15, her life quickly intertwined with Detroit's gritty streets. Her earlier years saw her venture into dancing and then the drug trade, where she became a formidable figure in the underworld. However, after prison time and a health scare from sarcoidosis, Delrhonda transformed her narrative. Today, Big Fifty is a multifaceted success: an entrepreneur, radio show host of "Keeping it 100 with Big Fifty", recording artist, and actress with a role in "One Last Flip" on Amazon Prime. Her life story is portrayed in the BET original film, "American Gangster Presents: Big Fifty: The Delrhonda Hood Story", featuring stars like Remy Ma and Debbie Morgan. Grounded in the Ifa faith, Big Fifty now enjoys a peaceful suburban life in Detroit, doting on her grandsons, Kingston and Kamari, and pursuing her passion for home decorating