Aisha Rochester Hall, from Roosevelt, New York, was influenced by her father, “Daddy Prince”, a known Jamaican figure in NYC. She studied at the New York Institute of Technology on a track and field scholarship while moonlighting as a musical talent in the city. Her business venture, Apogee Financial in Detroit, showcased her ability to recognize potential, turning street-hustlers into successful office professionals.

But 2009 was tumultuous. Business missteps led to her incarceration, and she faced personal tragedies. Despite these challenges, Aisha found solace in writing, becoming the author of "Baltimore Raw," published by Wahida Clark. Jamila T. Davis commented, “Despite her adversities [Aisha Hall]... has changed the urban fiction game. She's expected to come home and do big things.”

Aisha, a justice reform advocate, has expanded her talents to screenwriting and reality show production. She's currently crafting her first studio album and features on the BET series, "American Gangsters: Trap Queens". United with her family in one home, she now focuses on empowering former inmates through entrepreneurship.