Wahida Clark took the urban fiction genre by storm with her first novel "Thugs and the Women Who Love Them", released in 2002. That book along with many others have become Essence & New York Times Bestsellers, that leave readers begging for more. Clark's "Thug Series" has garnered fans around the world, with her drama filled novels and intimate tales of sex, drugs, and murder. Wahida has been crowned the "Queen of Thug Love Fiction" by Nikki Turner, the Queen of Hip-Hop Fiction. Wahida's style of writing is the "TEMPLATE" for urban literature. When you read her novels, three things may come to mind: you know the characters; you want to know the characters; or you are one of the characters.
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What is your favorite book from the entire thug collection?
Thugs and the Women Who Love Them
Every Thug Needs A Lady
Thug Matrimony
Thug Lovin'
Justify My Thug
What do you think will happen in Thugs part 6?